Kenwyn Campus

Kenwyn Campus

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About Kenwyn Campus

ABC was an Educare that was in existence for 16 years. It was then bought over by Delia Cupido in 2011 and it then became a part of the Chameleon Pre-School and Educare family.

The aim of Chameleon Kenwyn is to provide a service for the Local community of Kenwyn, Ottery, Lansdowne, Hanover Park and Kenilworth area.

There are a few Pre- School and Educare centre’s in the area; however we provide more stimulation with a set daily programme, with specific outcomes. We have babies from 3 months up to Grade R. We are an inclusive school, diverse in our approach with provision for children with special needs. We use NCS as a guideline.

Chameleon Preschool and Educare strives to provide an environment which is a balance between structure and choice, it is our goal to facilitate the holistic growth of each child we meet.

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