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Sybrand Park Campus

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About Sybrand Park Campus

Chameleon Preschool and Educare Centre has been committed to building and sustaining an integrated, dynamic, developmental approach to education for the past 12 years.

United by our anti-bias teaching, we are continually creating a child-centered, nurturing and stimulating environment, striving to expand our authentically multi-cultural community.

In November 2006, Chameleon Preschool and Educare Centre adapted to a change in ownership under Delia Cupido. The name “Chameleon” was chosen by children, staff and parents because chameleons represent change, adaptability, colour and nature, all of which are relevant to our approach.

We celebrate diversity and multiculturalism and strive to avoid bias in our programme and to instill an attitude of respect and tolerance. We also place an emphasis on respect for and knowledge of our environment.

As a community of concerned educators and parents, we are legally structured as a private educational institution with a Parents Body, and we are registered with the Department of Health, Welfare and the department of WDED.

We provide a high quality educational experience for children between the ages of 3 months to 7 years.

We also offer Aftercare and Holiday Care for primary school children. We encourage and support parents in their parenting skills, children’s development and involvement in the school.

Your involvement as a parent is essential to bridging the gap between home and school and we therefore encourage open and constructive communication between the staff and yourselves.

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