The development fee is an annual fee that the school utilizes for maintenance costs and improvements to the facilities and necessary resources.

As a specialised Inclusive School with a very limited number of availability in our classes, we carefully have to assess the suitability of each child before making a decision as to whether we can offer placement. Chameleon School will only offer your child placement, if we are confident that we can assist him/ her in their educational journey.

Enrolment costs are broken down as follows, Registration/Administration Fee , Month’s fees (see fee structure for specific campus), advance deposit Fee which is the equivalent of s month’s school fees, as well as an R 300 development fee (annual).

Once the enrollment fee has been paid in full.

Inclusive is understanding and embracing the diversity of learners needs. When learners regardless of their differences participate and learn together to develop to their full potential.

Sybrand parks ECD center provides a morning snack of fruit and juice/tea , and afternoon snack, toiletries, weekly baking and making supplies which is included in the fees, the other Two ECD centres however do not offer a morning snack and afternoon snack and request toiletries and baking and making supplies.

The advanced deposit fee covers your child’s last month with Chameleon, should you discontinue your services with Chameleon you are required to provide a terms notice (period of 3 months), the 3rd and final month will then be covered by this advanced fee. Children who remain with Chameleon till the end of Grade R will then have the amount for December of their Grade R year covered by this fee.

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